What We Do.

We help businesses design how people think and feel about them, so they can attract and retain high value customers.

Strong brands have loyal customers who advocate loudly, thus driving down the cost of acquisition, retention and referral. They also attract and retain the best staff, pay less for raw materials, charge more for their products and drive higher shareholder value. For companies to get ahead, simply engineering a good product or service isn’t good enough anymore. They need to engineer how people feel about it too. That’s where brand strategists come in.

Using research, our brand strategists help organisations understand what their customers think and feel about their company, themselves and the world at large. We then translate these insights into key messages, graphics, products, experiences, behaviours and beliefs that have high practical and symbolic value. The net result is a company that means something significant in the minds of consumers: A Brand.

“People don’t buy products and services. They buy the symbolic value of a product and the experience of a service. To persuade people to buy something, you need to design how they feel about it too.”

Our Approach.

Everything we do is focussed on solving business problems. We use intellectual tools to create big opportunities for our clients.

  • We are purposeful- Everything we do is supported by customer insights and primary research. Period.
  • We get to the point - Clarity seems obvious when it appears, but it takes a lot of honest introspection to distil.
  • We are driven - We get things done. We are motivated to deliver on our promises and don't fool around.
  • We are agile - Because the answers often hide in the gaps between ideation, analysis, psychology, business and design.
  • We are creative - Ideas are everything. Some are genius and others are lunacy... we know those things aren’t far apart.
  • We are brave - Creating things from nothing requires courage. We're not afraid of the associated fame or shame.