Aizan are one of North America's most progressive telecommunication companies. They partner with Bell, Telus, and Rogers on the network side, with clients that include Google, Intact Insurance, Blackberry and Nasa.

Aizan started life in interactive voice recognition, but they progressed fast into sophisticated software engineering. They are telco 2.0 company that offer cloud based services to networks and commercial clients. When they approached Frank Strategy they didn’t know how to talk about themselves, their capabilities or what their point of difference was. They also needed a visual and verbal identity.

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The approach
Aizan had unique qualities and our customer research indicated that their level of ingenuity was unparalleled. In addition, their percieved weakness (not having well defined products) was actually an asset. Customer research indicated their solutions based approach was critical to getting a good result (versus a one size fits approach). Customer research revealed some hidden gems.


The Result

We repositioned Aizan as an ideas based professional services company that can solve any telco problem. Their tagline became ‘Ideas on Call’. We presented them with the concept of ‘clusters’ that had functional capabilities, represented in the graphic direction by the tessellation of triangles. They used this concept to build diagrams of solutions for customers. We also presented them with a new attitude. They adopted the persona of a silicon valley startup; nimble, open, free thinking.

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Aizan won the Google account within 3 months of completing the rebrand. We like to think our work was a large contributing factor. They continue to experience growth and we continue to service them through brand management and brand development.

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