Rent it Furnished (now called UpHaus) are a Canadian success story. With just 10 entrepreneurial years behind them, they’ve surfaced as a major player in the high-end rental market. When they wanted to brand the business and prepare for international expansion, they approached us. Alongside the new name, we provided the tagline, key messaging, brand strategy, brand identity and branded collateral. We also conducted a digital strategy to prepare for a higher fidelity customer platform.

The Challenge

Rent it Furnished were experiencing competitive threats from multiple directions and they were concerned that their high-performance reputation was being diluted by lesser peers. They wanted to re-confirm their position in a homogenizing market as a tier 1 service and prepare for a broader spectrum of services and wider geographic reach. They also wanted to reconsider their name due to it having a descriptive and therefore scope limiting aspect.

The Insight

The entrepreneurial and spirited culture of the company became a key component of the brand position. It matched a common attribute among the various stakeholder groups who were looking to real estate to create independence and freedom from their otherwise structured and limited lives. The notion of Live Freely appeals to investors, property owners, tenants and employees, thus Rent it Furnished became UpHaus – a freedom brand that represents opportunity and the potential to move upwards in life.