Strategic creative is important in branding because it transforms all the ethereal thinking into things people can see and experience.

Barry Corden

Creative Strategist

Creative without strategy is called art. Creative with strategy is called advertising – Jef Richards

Barry began his career as a creative writer in South Africa, learning the art of communicating to a diverse mix of people and cultures. Sixteen years later, he’s using the expertise he learned in creative communication, strategy, and human behaviour, to help brands find their voice, their personality, and their place in a constantly shifting world.

Cutting his teeth in the advertising industry as a copywriter, Barry enthusiastically learned the skills needed to establish a career in the craft of words as well as strategy and the power of well executed creative communication (i.e. creative writer). He moved from South Africa to London, England where he continued to hone his craft and skills on globally recognized brands in some of the worlds most renowned agencies as well as Europe’s hottest independent creative shops.

Barry’s biggest career leap came with his transition to the digital world of creativity and communication. He quickly realized the incredible opportunities it offered brands, and has been applying his knowledge in traditional and digital creative communication ever since.

“Who wouldn’t love Vancouver?” Barry asked his wife after moving his family to Canada in 2012. They enjoy the landscape, the people, and the outdoors. Yes, even when it rains. It’s also given Barry the chance to work on some of Canada’s biggest and smallest brands.

Barry studied economics and business management at university, but tends to favour creative problem solving and strategic interrogation as a copywriter and creative director nowadays. He’s proud to have helped his wife start and establish her own digital agency. He’s also in his element mentoring and working with creative teams and departments. But he’s happiest when he’s outdoors with his family or has just solved a clients brand problem, which often happens when he’s outdoors with his family.