To build a relevant brand that has meaning, you need to know why you exist. Start with your purpose. Nail that and the rest is easy.

David Reeve

Culture Strategist

David is a culture coach who inspires greatness in everyone, everywhere and leaves them better than he found them.

Fueled by this personal purpose, David founded Unleash Culture to help brands build amazing cultures and “discover greatness within”.

David has a proven track record of success resulting in 38 awards for culture excellence and has contributed to building two of the largest award winning brands in Canada.

Brands David has mentored have been featured in the New York Times, Forbes, Profit, Fox Business, Globe and Mail, Success, Fortune Small Business, Wall Street Journal, Alberta Venture and Dragon’s Den to name a few.

David’s experience as a culture coach started over 24 years ago when he met his amazing spouse Michelle whom he affectionately describes as a serial entrepreneur. Having started a multitude of brands with Michelle and working with 100’s of leaders, David completely understands the mindset of entrepreneurs and leaders and equally as important the people that work with them.

David has held a life-long fascination for why some brands have great cultures and why so many do not. David’s research and experience lead him to understand that culture is either built by design or manifests by default.

Fascinated by the fact that, unfortunately, 90% usually manifest by default, David discovered the missing key elements in what he calls a brand’s culture energy cycle™ and ecosystem™ and developed a simple system for getting both of these back in balance.

David is also a LEAN certified black belt in the Toyota Production System and sits on several key advisory boards. David believes in giving back and happily gives his energy to mentor entrepreneurs through such programs as the Simon Fraser University Venture Connection program, The University of the Fraser Valley Entrepreneur program, Seattle based Tech Stars program and the Merita Movement Young African Visionaries program in Uganda.

David is a regular sought after speaker on the following in demand topics:

  • Design your culture, design your results.
  • Unleash the power of dreams in your brand.
  • The most important brand you will ever build.
  • Culture and storytelling, the three keys.

In his spare time David works with individuals from all walks of life through Unleash Dreams™, a cause he founded over 17 years ago where he has inspired hundreds of people around the globe to realize their personal potential and dreams.