If brand is the personality of a company, then photography is a powerful medium because it quickly articulates character and sentiment.

Trevor Brady


Trevor’s work can been seen in GQ, Men’s Health, Flare, Wallpaper and many more.

Trevor fell in love with photography when he first witnessed the works of such iconoclastic artists as Annie Liebovitz and Henri Cartier-Bresson. Having had a full career as an advertising art director and copywriter, it seemed only natural that he would combine his love of photography with his advertising and marketing savvy to help clients elevate their brands and product offerings.

Trevor Brady has had the advantage of exploring his photography from the perspective of two very different hemispheres. Born in Cape Town, South Africa, Trevor studied advertising and design before relocating to Vancouver, Canada in 1993.

Trevor now works frequently in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver as well as other cities in North America and Europe. His clients include Adidas, Nike, Footlocker, Target, Roots, Dakine, Ecover, Mavi Jeans, Kensie, and others.

His work can been seen in GQ, Men’s Health, Flare, Wallpaper and Western Living magazine, to name but a few. He has won an International Aperture Ward as well as being nominated many times for The Black and White Spider Awards.

Trevor loves design, furniture, architecture, typography, fashion, simple well-executed ideas and traveling to Europe and Africa.