Maclean Law Group

This Legal Marketing Association award winning brand helped MacLean Law appeal to a wider audience and become a purpose based company.

Lawyers often have a poor reputation for integrity. They are seen as expensive and self interested. Within the context of family law, this is exaggerated because the client is emotionally charged. The challenge was to create a brand strategy that was sensitive to those conditions. A fresh, transparent, free thinking law firm that cares.

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The challenge:

Clients often approach the legal process in emotional distress. This often masquerades as anger and translates into harmful courtroom tactics. The lawyer is seen as an instrument for revenge. We were interested in changing that dynamic, offering a different way to perceive the situation.

Maclean law branding

The Approach

We intended to humanize the lawyers and add humility to the situation. In our research we found that prospects identified with lawyers they had something in common with. By profiling the lawyers as people with flaws and broken families of their own, we were able to humanize the situation.

In addition, we edited the strongman approach to be softer and more sensitive to the the family. Instead of success being a vindictive ‘win’ in the courtroom, it became a matter of re-structuring the family so everyone could move forward in life- without too many scars.

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The Results

Before seeing a lawyer, prospective clients are invited to see a councillor. MacLean Law offered pro-bono services to downtown east side families in trouble. They created a content strategy that demonstrated an interest in family restructuring. They focussed on helping people move forward and get past their obstructions. Winning became a piece of mind. The creative strategy was optimistic and inspirational, focussing on the future promise.

MacLean continue to be one of the largest and most prolific law groups in BC.

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