JustMindful.com is a leading multi-product ecommerce retailer in the sex toy industry. We partnered on a full rebrand to help the company adjust their market position and align with fast-moving socio-cultural trends. We helped Mindful develop a new company concept that moves them from naughty sex toys to sexual wellness, directly addressing consumer appetite for body-positivity and gender-inclusivity.

We conducted primary and secondary research to identify buying behaviours, attitudes, perceptions and barriers. Armed with those insights we developed positioning options and created a number of brand ideas for the company to consider. The winning concept focusess on how sexuality can shape an individual’s identity and positively contribute to a unique and rewarding human experience. The brand now encourages discovery (of self and others) and talks about the physical, emotional, spiritual and social benefits of exploring sexuality. The graphic identity was developed to reflect human inter-connectedness and playfulness.

Are you feeling yourself? #sexualwellness