Beedie is the largest private industrial owner, developer and property manager in Western Canada. It has completed over 25 million square feet of new construction throughout British Columbia and Alberta, owns 900 acres of land inventory, services over 500 leasing clients, and has been operating since 1954. Prompted by the launch of their residential division, the Beedie team approached us to help them define an over-arching brand idea, orientate the organization around it, and create all the intellectual and graphic assets required to articulate the new brand to their stakeholders.

What Changed?

The project involved market research to determine their brand position, strengths and weaknesses, and what aspects of their DNA could be used in the new idea. The idea of being ‘Built for Good’ came from this research. The new idea demanded a shift in the way they thought about their work, moving from a ‘building’ development company to a ‘community’ development company. This shift in perspective is evident in all aspects of their new position. Read about it here.

Purpose is critically important to doing good business. Frank Strategy helped us to realize that our purpose needed to be brought forward and celebrated more. They breathed life into our brand, changed the way we understood ourselves and empowered us to be more purpose-based in all that we do. They are well-researched and very creative.
Ryan Beedie

What was involved?

We worked with them for 18 months to interject ourselves into all aspects of the business to ensure the rebrand was applied to all aspects of the division. Specifically, we provided:

  • Research, ideation, positioning.
  • Brand architecture.
  • Brand strategy.
  • Naming and tagline development.
  • Graphic identity.
  • Key messaging and communications.
  • Video production
  • Collateral redesign.
  • Interior and exterior design.
  • Vehicle decals.
  • Rollout to staff and stakeholders.
  • Website.
  • Adverts and social media.