Knowing where you stand is as important as knowing what you stand for.

Brand Positioning

It’s a big market out there, and it’s essential that your find your proper place in it. Brand Positioning is about carving out market space, shelf space, and headspace where your brand can not only live, but dominate. Understanding where you are located – and where you can realistically move to – in the mind of your customers is critical to moving your brand forward.

We’ll put you in your place. In a totally nice way.

With millions of brands and products vying for your customers’ attention, it’s easy to get lost in the noise. Brand Positioning starts with analyzing the marketplace and identifying your direct and indirect competitors—including some you probably never knew you had. We go beyond features and functionality to examine where your competitors stand, what they stand for, who they appeal to, how they communicate, and how that makes them viable.

Brand Positioning offers you a clear view of the myriad forces that influence or inhibit your ability to thrive, and a new perspective on how you’re understood in the market. It provides you with a roadmap directing you to your ideal place in the market. Specifically:

  • Move into a market position that you can own and dominate
  • Identify secondary markets that have large appetites
  • Identify what makes a competitor a threat (then incubate yourself)
  • Inform decisions on pricing, placement, products, and promotion
  • Influence your brand strategy with clear market direction

Positioned for success.

We go beyond the surface topography of product features and price points. We look at ineffable as well as tangible market forces—the emotional and instinctual elements that can create powerful differentiation. We then examine the gaps in the marketplace, the unmet needs, the unarticulated desires of your customer. When we overlay these findings your own unique strengths and differentiators, we discover a point of intersection where the real opportunity exists.