iLearn is a distributed learning high school serving grades 8 to 12. After spending their early years focused on operational aspects, iLearn partnered with us to create a powerful brand that would catapult them forward and establish them as a category leader. We created the brand idea, the brand model, key messages, and brand identity. Look out for the new website coming soon.

The Challenge

We conducted over 20 interviews with existing and past students, stakeholders, parents, and community members. We also conducted trend analysis and research report aggregation. The objectives were to understand the perceptions around distributed learning methods as a category, and how that translated into people’s appetites for iLearn in particular. The results were very compelling, and converting the insights into a brand idea was particularly rewarding, given the huge positive social impact that schools like iLearn offer.

The Insight

It became clear that some students simply don’t fit the homogenized schooling that society offers. Some students are advancing quickly, and some are trailing behind. Some have extracurricular interests and aspirations that need to be balanced with their studies. Some students don’t have the social skills to integrate fully with peers, or come from disadvantaged backgrounds and find it hard to relate. In all these cases, individualized learning is the solution. Becoming a fully resolved individual is the objective.

The Solution

We gave the school an exciting new brand concept: Individuality. The promise to help people embrace what makes them unique, rather than suffer it. The opportunity to write their own future and develop into a fully resolved individual. This is something that is tough to do in the traditional school system for some people. It may even serve as a model for a more intuitive and responsive societal model.
We created key messages to help iLearn communicate the brand concept, a brand strategy to help operationalize the concept, and a graphic identity to help mature their public image and invite prospects.