When your brand is ready to go out into the world, we make sure it’s appropriately dressed.

Brand Identity

Brand Identity comprises both the visual and verbal language that a company will present to the market. The Brand Identity reflects the personality and soul of the brand. The components that make up the Brand Identity (name, logo, tone, tagline, fonts, graphic devices, photography, packaging and more…) are an embodiment of the Brand Strategy and are created to reflect the value the company is trying to bring to the market. As such, building an effective Brand Identity is a both creative and strategic effort; every element needs to support the business goals. The result is an invaluable piece of intellectual property that leaves an indelible impression on its recipients as well as the company’s bottom line.

A Brand Identity that’s head and shoulders above the competition.

Like people, businesses have personalities and values, and it’s the role of the Brand Identity to make those clear. A strong Brand Identity lets your audience differentiate you from your competitors and can positively influence their purchasing decisions, directly impacting your profitability. A solid Brand Identity can help you:

  • Connect: Creatively communicate your values, service, ideas and personality
  • Impress: Helps you quickly and economically appear relevant to your customers
  • Establish: Display commitment and pride, enhances credibility and trust
  • Excite: Stimulate a positive emotional response that enhances your brand image
  • Differentiate: Stand out from your from peers, making you memorable and easy to recall

What to expect from a Brand Identity.

Our creative team isn’t simply creative. They are ‘strategically’ creative. They deep dive into the brand strategy to establish your company vision, values, target audience, market positioning, personality and more, in order to create a complete set of graphic tools that not only look great but, more importantly, stimulate the right responses. We believe the Brand Identity is a visual language that deserves critical thinking. When the right brain and the left brain work together, the result is a total winner.