Major Tom

6S was a digital marketing agency with a strong reputation in the Vancouver market as tactical SEO and PPC specialists. They wanted to climb the value chain to attract larger clients and larger portions of their marketing budgets. They had plans for a new HQ in Vancouver, and wanted to grow their offices in Toronto, New York and LA…but first, they needed to create a brand concept and establish a more compelling market position. 6S and Frank partnered to rename, reposition, redesign and re-engineer how the company approached the market.Cue Major Tom.

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The Challenge

We conducted over 40 interviews with existing and past clients, stakeholders, partners, friendlies and competitors. The objectives were to find out how prospects understand 6S, what profile of customer 6S attracts, why customers choose them over peers, what objections clients had, and what opportunities 6S were missing. We also conducted a competitor audit across all disciplines that overlapped digital marketing, customer acquisition, advertising, and performance marketing, as well as a full-market trend analysis to help us understanding where the marketplace was shifting.

The Insight

Research showed that their strong reputation for tactical execution had limiting effects on their ability to attract high-value work. Their core offerings were being rapidly commoditized by cheap contractors and pervasive platforms that clients could use themselves. It became clear that for 6S to prosper, they needed to work at a higher strategic level. 6S’ real value to their clients was the consultancy insight they offered, not solely the delivery of the performance metric at the end. They were giving away high-value services without realizing it.

The Solution

We gave the company an exciting new brand concept and repositioned them in a high-value segment that would be receptive to its services and character. They became the agency people go to when they want to discuss their business objectives, not just their marketing.

We changed the name to match the new brand concept and market position. We created a brand identity that reflected the perspective, thoughtfulness and intention that larger consultative agencies are known for. We also coached them on how to communicate effectively in their new space. We assisted with their new offices’ interior design and continue supporting their brand efforts as partners.