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Company Naming

With just a word or two, company naming can do a lot of heavy lifting for your brand. It can present your values, your point of difference, be aspirational, and create immediate emotional connections with your audience. Great company naming can make brands, bad names can tank them. And the best names are masterpieces in miniature, making use of alliteration, abstraction, onomatopoeia, euphony, symbolism and more to create something distinctive, evocative, enduring, and emotionally resonant.

We could have called ourselves Blunt Strategy, but then you probably wouldn’t be here.

Company naming is a powerful branding tool because it helps differentiate you from competitors, establish character, communicate your values, allude to your vertical, and offer customer cues on what to expect from you. Specifically, effective naming helps to:

  • Make an unforgettable first impression
  • Create buzz
  • Quickly establish your point of difference and your values
  • Enhance recognition and recall among potential customers
  • Stimulate ideas for marketing and advertising platforms
  • Stir up positive emotional resonance

What to expect in a Company Naming exercise

Naming is equal parts poetry and practicality. At Frank, we attend to both sides of the equation. We employ a phased naming process that is rigorous, clear, insightful, logical, and practical. We carefully pre-screen the naming options we present to ensure they’re available and trademark-ready. At the end of the process, you will have a name and tagline that supports your brand strategy, speaks to your customer base, and rings out cleanly across a cluttered brandscape.