We’re Frank, so we communicate frankly. How should your company communicate?

Brand Personality

Brand Personality represents a set of human characteristics that are attributed to a company. It helps a company shape the way people feel about its product, service or intention. Much like a real personality, a company personality should intrigue your customers, be relevant and relatable to them, make them feel comfortable and offer something to aspire to. A company’s personality elicits an emotional response in customers that helps create long, beautiful relationships.

Great brands are like people. People that you really really like.

It’s essential that a company create a Brand Personality that connects and resonates with the right audience. Once established, the Brand Personality presents the brand’s attitude in the marketplace and therefore heavily influences your marketing campaigns, social media, customer service, sales scripting and much more. A well defined Brand Personality can help you:

  • Lower marketing costs: Buzzworthy and memorable brands require lower media spends to attract attention
  • Dominate the market: Marketing is more effective when delivered through a strong, memorable personality
  • Capture attention: A company’s Brand Identity becomes much stronger when built upon a clear personality
  • Differentiate: Well-branded companies use personality to position themselves uniquely in the marketplace
  • Increase brand equity: By displaying consistent personality traits that create a strong, established brand.

What to expect from a Brand Personality project

Using expressive quantitative research techniques, we perform a deep dive into your business to uncover what leadership, employees, customers, prospects and a control group understand the company personality to be. This learning is applied to a competitive audit and the project team investigate multiple options for defining, or redefining your Brand Personality. The process is a little like life-coaching for business, without the high-fives and walking on hot coals.