AirMap is backed by some of Silicon Valleys’ biggest venture capital firms. Having successfully spent 5 years working with international federal aviation authorities and policymakers to create the intellectual and software infrastructure required for a new drone economy, they recognized the need to reposition in order to take advantage of market maturation and a shift in the commercial landscape.

We helped AirMap’s executive team develop a new understanding of the business and determine a highly commercial market approach. We executed a number of strategies to get them into position including brand strategy and positioning, product definition, product naming, tagline and key messaging, graphic identity, collateral and training videos, and e-commerce website development. We also helped create a new commercial arm to the business targeting the defence sector.

Within 2 weeks of launch, AirMap experienced 2.5x the number of leads. We continue to work with AirMap to productize and market their suite of intelligent airspace tools.

New Corporate website here.