We deliver everything an ad agency does, except the sticker shock.

Advertising Services

As Bob Dylan famously sang, ‘the times, they are a-changin’”. Just as you no longer need a television to watch TV shows, or a camera to take pictures, you also don’t need an ad agency to fulfill your marketing needs. We have the experience and expertise to create campaigns in virtually every medium, from print to television to digital, social media and beyond.

Today, as marketing channels proliferate at unprecedented rates, the options available to marketers can both inspire and overwhelm. As businesses scramble to reach always-on, omnichannel consumers, campaigns are increasingly at risk of becoming costly and ineffective. And, as the influence and spending power of the Millennial generation continues to mature, the challenges will only intensify.

We’ll get your message into any medium. And you can quote us on that.

Building upon our research, consumer insights, and the Marketing Strategy, we create highly targeted campaigns directed at the channels that most effectively engage your customers. Advertising agency services help you accomplish specific goals that directly support your business strategy. Specifically, they:

  • Reduce wasteful spend by eliminating siloed marketing activities
  • Inject accountability and performance through defined goals and metrics
  • Improve consumer engagement and brand awareness
  • Reflect and adapt to omnichannel consumer behaviours
  • Align the creative and messaging to the brand and the business goals

What to expect from our Advertising Agency Services.

In a traditional agency model, businesses are forced to work with salaried agency staff whether they’re a fit or not. At Frank Strategy, we maintain a deep bench of highly accomplished freelance professionals, and we custom-build teams to achieve the experience level, sector knowledge and specialized skills best suited to your business and marketing needs. Our low overhead offsets our cost of our experienced team, resulting in our clients getting exceptional value and a predictable, fixed-fee pricing model.