How well is your brand performing? We’ll put it under a spotlight and reveal how to make it shine.

Brand Audit

A Brand Audit delivers a 360-degree analysis that examines every facet of your brand. The result is a detailed report on your brand’s effectiveness, relevance, and potential. How is your brand performing? Is it fully aligned with your business goals? Does it convey the intended image and messages? Answers to questions like these set the stage for creating rock star brands.

See your brand through new eyes.

A Brand Audit helps you see your brand from the outside in—the way your customer and the rest of the world sees it. For companies with underperforming brands, the Brand Audit provides an opportunity to course-correct. For those that are on track, it offers a launchpad to complete optimization. This research-based exercise studies internal and external perspectives, competitors, trends, business objectives, graphics, marketing communications, social media presence, advertising, products and services, customer service, and more. The Brand Audit evaluates your brand’s effectiveness in each area and offers practical recommendations for improvement. Specifically, a Brand Audit reveals:

  • Whether your brand is working for or against you.
  • What your brand actually means to your target audience.
  • If your brand is understood consistently across all channels.
  • Underperforming areas and practical remedies.
  • Your brand’s ultimate potential and how best to achieve it.

What to expect in a Brand Audit

We assemble a bespoke team comprising primary and secondary researchers, social media experts, ad strategists, brand strategists, media planners, copywriters, designers, and more. As is typical at Frank, we examine the brand with ruthless honesty, exploring the organization’s existing brand strategy, mapping it against the way you interact with customers, offering new ways to make your brand more compelling to prospects.

These tactical and strategic insights are aggregated into a final document that identifies where your brand is, where it should be, and how to get there – including quick wins to enhance performance and pivot the brand with minimal effort or cost.