Everything grows in the right environment – including your business.

Branded Environments

Branded environments are physical spaces designed to bring the brand to life and create a predetermined feeling and consumer experience. The physical embodiment of any given brand is created through architecture, interior design, lighting, graphics, and landscaping. Branded environments such as retail stores, showrooms, sales centres and trade-fair booths work deliver a brand’s personality and key messages in engaging, immersive and tactile ways that other mediums don’t allow.

Businesses grow in branded environments.

Disneyland is a branded environment. So is a cathedral. Branded environments are incredibly powerful tools because they are able to solicit responses from us that normally would be out of reach. Strong, evocative, sentimental and highly resonating responses that get attached to your brand and translate into purchases. Marketeers use branded environments to stimulate prospects into desired and predictable patterns of behaviour. Specifically, they allow you to:

  • Tell your story and spark emotional connections
  • Communicate your company’s DNA
  • Promote your products with maximum impact
  • Build your brand quickly and accurately
  • Increase conversion rates and average order value

What you can expect at Frank

Three dimensional experiential design requires an intimate understanding of human behaviour, emotional triggers, and the decision making processes. Our creative teams are well versed in the art of persuasion. They will design concepts that convert your brand DNA into persuasive experiences that inform and inspire. You can expect 3D renderings, wayfinding, concepting, graphic artwork, installation plans and more. We then go on to work with fabricators, project managers and other 3rd parties to execute on the vision and bring the environment to glorious life.