Building a great brand begins with having the right tools.

Branded Collateral

Collateral is often the first point of contact your prospects will have with your company. As such, it can be one of your most important tools in not only stimulating sales, but in building your brand. So it’s important that your collateral material are congruent with the brand personality and make a killer first impression. Be it a website, stationery set, vehicle decals or advertising campaign, the creation of high impact collateral materials are crucial to increasing the efficacy of sales efforts and help increase brand equity. 

The right collateral moves hearts, minds, and product.

A report commissioned by PwC shows that when asked about the process of making business decisions, 41% of business leaders stated that the most significant single factor that drives decision making is instinct. The ability to appeal to prospective customers on evocative and emotive terms is often undervalued and represents a huge sales opportunity. Well-branded collateral is shown to increase the likelihood of a sale while also increasing the perceived value of the product. Specifically, Branded Collateral works to:

  • Increase awareness and recall: Consistently branded material is as effective as advertising
  • Increase perceived value: Attractive collateral lends aspirational qualities to your brand
  • Increase efficacy of marketing initiatives: Striking collateral increases conversions to sale
  • Increase brand equity: Consistent application of the brand increases value
  • Strengthen market position: Clear and compelling messaging helps dominate a category

What to expect in a Branded Collateral project.

We’ll take an audit of your collateral requirements and consider what elements are genuinely required. We’ll look at how the elements inter-relate and what their intentions are. We’ll also consider their shape, size and format and compare them with best practices. Inevitably, we’ll recommend a fresh approach that is sure to capture the attention and imagination of the customer. We treat each piece of branded collateral as an opportunity to engage the prospect and drive them down the sales funnel.