Without a guide, even the most well thought out brands can get lost on the way to market.

Brand Guidelines

Brand Guidelines are a powerful strategic tool. They translate your Brand Strategy into compelling visual and verbal statements that communicate the DNA of your company in a meaningful way. They ensure alignment on the company vision and the associated strategy while promoting consistent and appropriate behaviours from all levels of the organization. And, with consistency being a crucial element of branding, they serve as a guide for everything from campaigns to signage to customer service to model themselves after.

Turn one vision into myriad executions

Brand Guidelines communicate complex strategy in an easy to comprehend format – one that both informs and inspires staff throughout the organization to execute the plan in the market. Specifically, the Brand Guidelines will:

  • Articulate a complex brand strategy in a simple format
  • Align the organization around a central unifying idea
  • Enable all departments to contribute to building the brand
  • Demonstrate how the brand is expressed in different contexts
  • Influence decisions to ensure actions are always on brand

What to expect from creating your Brand Guidelines

We employ a research-based approach to create expressive Brand Guidelines that capture both your practical and emotional uniqueness. We incorporate your character and market positioning into the creation of key messages and graphic devices that are attractive to prospects. The guidelines are workshopped with each of your departments to make sure everyone understands how they’re applied.