Frankly, we may have appeared in an embarrassing video or two. But our clients sure haven’t.

Branded Video

Branded video content helps to humanize your business, connecting you emotionally to your customers and strengthening your brand. Storytelling has earned its place as one of the most important traditions we possess, largely because it’s how humans find meaning. Every brand has a story to tell, and the most successful brands mean something to their customers. Branded video is therefore a natural and evocative branding tool that has proliferated the internet and should be part of every business’s marketing strategy.

What would 15 seconds of fame do for your brand?

If it’s true that a brand is what people think of your company, then branded video content is a powerful and persuasive brand tool to get them thinking. When you consider bang for your buck, branded video content can influence how prospects feel more than any other medium. Your branded video can:

  • Boost sales – Video viewers demonstrate higher conversion rates.
  • Build your brand – Video evokes sentiments that you can attach to your brand.
  • Build trust – Intimacy, relevance and recall stats increase (over traditional media).
  • Improve SEO – You’re more likely to index highly with embedded video content.
  • Explain conceptual offerings – Video is great at simplifying and explaining.
  • Reach new targets – Lazy consumers won’t read a blog, but they will watch a video.
  • Builds social presence – People don’t share print ads or leaflets, but they do share videos.

Branded Video: What to expect from Frank.

Our creative directors and producers will examine your brand strategy to uncover insights and create ideas that resonate on a deeply human level with your targets. You can expect to see storyboards, treatments, art direction, moodboards, venue, talent and prop options before we even pick up the camera. And, after we pick it up, you can expect to see your brand come to life like never before.