To put it diplomatically, a brand ambassador helps your brand kick derriere.

Brand Ambassador

A great brand is more than an esoteric, intellectual concept. For companies with a mature brand presence, it’s a valuable corporate asset that can be measured in dollars and captured on the P&L sheet. A Brand Ambassador grows the financial value of your brand. A full-time Chief Brand Officer is a luxury that’s usually reserved for the Fortune 500, but smaller organizations can achieve similar advantages with an outsourced CBO such as a Brand Ambassador who represents your brand’s interests while sitting alongside your leadership team.

Our Brand Ambassadors are like Yoda for brands – but taller.

Our brand ambassadors bring 15 years or more of executive-level brand-management expertise to the table. They are capable of liaising with third-party agencies as well as every branch of your organization—including marketing, products, finance, sales, client care, and operations—to ensure that your brand has a strong, distinct voice, and to build its monetary equity. The Brand Ambassador is a change agent who is autonomous and objective, loyal only to the brand, not to internal power structures. They work to:

  • Elevate the brand out of the marketing department
  • Coordinate your brand strategy across all business functions
  • Quantifiably increase the ROI on your brand investments
  • Increase brand equity metrics and shareholder value
  • Inject best practices and new ideas from cross-sector experience
  • Nurture a brand experience that is consistent for customers

What to expect from a Brand Ambassador

Our brand ambassadors are senior professionals with at least 15 years of brand-management expertise in different verticals. They understand every facet of brand management, are honest, fearless, and capable of holding their own and making a difference at the highest organizational levels.